Roslof Keep

Episode #2
Rats and Zombies

After a bit of shopping and rest, the Ivory Scimitars head back to the dungeon and turn the corner. After disturbing some large rats, the pc’s encountered Zombies and a Wight! A bit of tactics (?) and some daring attacks, the undead fiends were vanquished. The question remains, rest down in the dungeon? Or return to the surface again?
The xp everyone receives is 196, which totals with the 1st session’s points, meaning everyone is now level 2.

Episode 1
A Deadly Start

Our heroes entered the Dungeon and were confronted by a small pack of kobalds (5) and another kobald who was a sorcerer. After defeating them soundly, the party continued to the room across the hall. The room was covered in thick webs which the wizard started burning with his magic. This aggravated the giant spiders that lived there and three dropped from the ceiling and dragged two of the party into the room. The fight was fast and frantic as the spider’s bites carried deadly poison. After the whole party entered the room, a fourth spider pounced and made off with the brave human fighter, Kahn. To the ceiling it dragged his unconscious body and would have eaten him alive if it wasn’t for the sharp shooting of the mage that fell the beast. And the Fighter Kahn too as his body fell 30 feet to which the elf broke his fall. But it was too late, Kahn had passed.
Experience for the party is 184. Lonny you can apply that to your next character. Not everyone is on the portal yet so i will post this on the meetup for the next session.

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