Beneath an ancient castle on the borderlands, reclaimed from the ruins of a lost civilization, there is a dark and deadly tournament being held. Seven stalwart adventuring companies, each representing a wealthy noble house, delve into the depths of the Dungeon of the Black Fey Mithelvarn. Each races to be the first to claim the power of the Infernal Machine that drives it, and find the Elixir of Immortality it contains. Can your party take up one of the relic banners and face the challenge of the dungeon, as well as the lethal competition from the other companies seeking the prize?
The PCs are hired by House Aldenmir’s remaining Lord Tyrand to take up his Relic Banner and become the latest chapter of the Ivory Scimitar. Tyrand is a bit of a recluse but is a good judge of character. He will not make a contract with just anyone. As a former adventurer himself, he looks for team players first and people with a good moral code. Please think about the reason your character has come looking to join what many people would call a foolish mission that has a very small chance of success and a smaller chance of survival.